While 777 Dragon Casino closes its gates, there is good news for you. Your account is getting an upgrade as we migrate you over to a flagship Vegas Partner Lounge casino - Golden Riviera Casino.

There you will be indulged with even bigger rewards and promotions and you can take your gaming mobile with Golden Riviera's world-class mobile platform.

Where's 777 Dragon Casino?
777 Dragon Casino has now merged with the bigger and better Golden Riviera Casino, one of Vegas Partner Lounge's flagship casino brands.

Why Golden Riviera Casino?
As a Vegas Partner Lounge flagship casino, Golden Riviera Casino offers even better entertainment. You'll benefit from a wider range of promotions, even bigger Bonuses and a fully integrated mobile platform that is compatible with all Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

How do I get started?
It couldn't be easier! Your details have already been moved to your new casino, so you can download the casino software and then log in with your existing account � all without missing a single moment of play.